12 interesting facts about Indian Army … Happy 68th Republic Day. πŸ™ŒΒ 

On 26th January,1950. The Constitution of INDIA came into effect under the chairmanship of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. hence marking today, the Republic Day of India. 
On this Day Let us Thank the True Heroes of our nation The Indian Military and learn Interesting facts about them. 

Soldiers don’t fight to defeat what’s in front of them..

They fight to protect what’s behind them…  My salute to those Superheroes.

1. Indian Army was founded by Netaji Subhas chandra Bose . His slogan was “Tum Mujhe Khoon Do , Main Tumhe Aazadi Dunga” meaning Give Me Your Blood and I will Give You Freedom 

2. INDIAN Army is the THIRD Largest contingent in the World , next to USA and CHINA. 

3. INDIAN Army is the World’s Largest Voluntary Army. 


5. IT has the World’s highest Army Base in SIACHEN at temperature of -53Β°C . 

6. India has BRAHMOS 2 , World’s Fastest Supersonic Missile . 

7. When Uttarakhand was hit by Floods in 2013, Operation RAHAT (2013) one of the biggest civilian rescue mission was carried by Indian Airforce in Uttarakhand, India. 

8. INDIAN MILITARY is the largest contributor to UN Peace Keeping Mission in the world since it’s inception. 

8. Despite being so powerful, Indian Military has never initiated First Attack on its enemy , nor has tried to invade a country and is not involved in any sorts of military coup . As We believe in Peace & Harmony .


10. J-IAF THE INDIAN AIR FORCE has over 60 Air Bases in India. 

11. 120 Indian Soldiers defeated 2000 Pakistani soldiers. In 1971. 

12. AGNI 6 MISSILE has a range of 10000 -KMS. 

Soldiers are the real heroes of each and every country… their contributions ,hard work and loyalty should be appreciated by the heads of the nation and also by the citizens . They Patrol in Harsh and extreme climate conditions.


They should be paid more … They deserve more .

I Have huge Respect for My Indian Army and all those Freedom Fighters (Bhagat Singh , Subhash Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi , Rani Laxmi Bai , Shivaji Maharaj etc ) for giving us freedom. 





What My Heart Wants πŸ’– 2

Oh! my Heart just tell me one thing at which direction are you heading…. ?

What have you seeked ? And what more are you seeking ?

Tell me your unheard and untold storiesπŸ‘‚πŸ‘„

Tell me what you’ve gained and what are you losing, Tell me your deepest desires for that you know I won’t be laughing

The person you have fallen for once has returned but I hope now you will fly and never look backπŸ‘£πŸ‘£

No! I’m asking you,if this is the person you were waiting for ? Or are you searching for someone you’ve never met? Or someplace you’ve never been ?

He asked me “After all these years, does your heart still beats for me?”

Oh! My heart how do I answer him ? Please tell me what do you want ….✊✊

Oh !my heart where are you heading… Wait 

Take me with you to the place that will  provide You ,Me and my Soul a SolaceπŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ’

Happy New Year 2017 .. πŸ˜‡

Time is only a construct. Your life will be the same as it was in 2016. I believe What matters is the choices you make that will Shape your future life. 

All these years I lived in 3 Worlds

  1. The Reality
  2. Dreams (which I always refer to as “Aish in Wonderland”) I will post about my dreams in future. (Dreams are so intriguing)
  3. When I read The Books.. (The World Of Books… As if I’m teleported to another dimension just like dreams πŸ‘ΌπŸ‘£)

Anyways…. I Wish You All with All My Heart …..

A veryyyyyyyy Happppppppyyy Newwww Yeaaaarrrrrrr πŸ’žπŸ‘πŸ’‘πŸ‘ͺπŸ‘Ό

May God give you the Strength , determination and perseverance to achieve your goals or may I say new year resolutions in life… 😻

And above all Always Stay HAPPY 😹and appreciate LITTLE THINGS. 


What My Heart Wants πŸ’– 1

The plan is not to marry and work everyday to earn livelihood 

The plan is to get married have a baby and adopt another baby and 

  1. Dogs πŸ’–
  2. Cats πŸ’–
  3. Owls πŸ’–
  4. Bunnies πŸ’–
  5. Any other living , non living beings my partner wishes to adopt πŸ’–
  6. Go on an adventure every year, per month. 
  7. To read books 
  8. Have arguments (healthy)
  9. Give massages to each other
  10. Take care of our parents 
  11. Have a dance of time of my (our) life like Johnny and baby  on each wedding anniversary 
  12. And blog about it πŸ’– 

But First where I would find a partner who wants the same things ? 

Buying Happiness on Christmas πŸŒ²πŸ’–

My mom asked me a week ago What do you want on Christmas shopping (clothes and a watch) or To travel to someplace you never visited before. 

Yesterday it was Christmas (2016) , Me and my Mom (Sunita)along with our neighbours Traveled to 

1. Titwala a place near Kalyan India (a beautiful small town at the outskirts of Mumbai. Which is a home to a Hindu God “Lord Ganapati”) 

At a lake adjacent to Titwala Ganapati temple.

2. and Shahad (another small town situated outside Mumbai and a home to a beautiful Birla temple of Hindu God “Lord Vittal”)

 At Birla Mandir 

I was feeling so peaceful and divine visiting these spiritual places. Especially the Birla temple.

The Birla temple is so mesmerizing with top class carving of sculptures in the wall and fine finishing at every inch. When you enter both the temples you’re hit with a strong positive vibes and a feeling of not living this place not now not later. 

There is only silence with the sound of birds chirping on trees (one of the best places to collect your thoughts) 

We traveled through train (Mumbai Local) upon returning home I came across this man on train he was in rags (looking tired & exhausted) was playing harmonium and singing a old Bollywood song (a meaningful one) with his daughter (who looked 10 or 11 years old) he was singing and she was collecting money. 

The voice of that man was so pure and I felt that their was pain in his singing, You can tell that he had and is going through a lot of tough times in his life and still he managed to carry a smile and sing for her daughter. (I was so happy to see him smile like that )

His daughter came up to me for money . I couldn’t gave her any because my purse was with my mom and she was in the other boggey . 

I felt so sad I was disappointed that I couldn’t help them , but then I saw a smile on her dusky glowing face, she told me it’s ok didi (sister) I hope you love our singing. I replied yes it was pure . Then they got down on the next station . 

I was so happy to meet them. 

We spent the whole day at Titwala and Shahad . We left our house at 7.00 in the morning and came back @5.00 in the evening . 

It was a day full of experiences and happiness.. 

I’m so glad I chose to travel , I buyed happiness for this year’s Christmas and a experience which will stay with me forever. 

I’ve learnt that we should spent more on experiences and
less on those materialistic things.  

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New YearπŸ˜‡

5 Best Reasons Why you should make DIY Crafts More often πŸ’ž

Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy craft supplies and it’s one and the same thing πŸ’“ 

Making DIY crafts has more perks to it than being cheap and easily available at store. So tighten your seatbelts and brace yourselves because here I present you 5 main reasons why it’s totally awesome to do DIY products at home (more often) 😍


Making crafts helps to fight Depression. Yes it is true , I’m claiming this so because I’ve experienced it myself . 

I made DIY Harry Potter Room Decor when I was depressed , It took me three days to make everything from golden snitch to Flying keys to Printing Slytherin N pasting on my room wall πŸ™Œ

Making this  DIY products made me happy , my depression was gone like it was a magic. Creating crafts induces Dopamine and endorphins in your system which increases your happiness level …

So feeling sad you know what to do .


Crafting is an Art , it needs creativity , by making your brain more resourceful it improves your critical thinking . It teaches you the art of making the optimus use of the available things and turn it into a object , you can alwayz use hot glue guns.. the irony is If you’re a master of DIY products you will know to make a glue gun at home. And If you find it difficult to make DIY things don’t let your hopes down . You can alwayz resort to videos on YouTube.  YouTube jaiho πŸ™Œ
3. High Self Esteem

 Those who make DIY crafts are known to have high self confidence . They know that what they produce is not everyone’s cup of tea. Learning to make DIY itself helps to improve your confidence ,you feel good about yourself . Everyone think of you as a creationist πŸ’“ and feeling good about yourself eventually builds self esteem πŸ’–


Espirit de corps is a French phrase meaning Team Spirit . 

Doing DIY craft with family or friends or other groups develops feeling of loyalty and trust among the groups . 

People working together increases or helps to improve their Interpersonal skills and communication skills and this the best method to develop those skills which is required by top most companies so it’s good for your resume πŸ˜‚

5. Room Decor 

last but not the least. It is a cheap ,efficient and creative method to decorate your rooms during festive seasons like Diwali , Christmas , Thanksgiving , Halloween, Eid etc..  and what’s the better way to showoff your skills of creative than DIY room decor. 😻😻😻😻 

So what you’re waiting for ? Go get that scissors and glue and whatever things you need and get started and don’t worry if your new to this.. because

In Crafting there are no Mistakes Just Unique Creations πŸ’ƒπŸ‘Œ

The Day I Discovered My True CallingΒ 

Often we give advice to our friends, siblings and colleagues .. but when it comes to us we hardly follow it. 

We encourage people to do things which will make them happy , pursue your hobby , your passion but Why the same things do not apply to us? 

Yesterday 23th December, 2016  I went to bed @11.45 pm I started reading Hound of The baskervilles … like usual ,While reading the book I realised there was a constant smile on my face. 😁 I closed the book and checked my phone , it was 1.05 am … Still couldn’t sleep.

I laid down and these thoughts bombarded my mind and my soul…. Calling me in a firm voice 

Aish… Listen are you happy with what you are doing with your life ?

Are you sure this is what you want to do?

Are you sure you want to be a lawyer ?

Would you be happy and content to work in a law firm ? 

You’re pursuing LLB for yourself or for your mom and others ?

Look inside yourself aish … You were so smiling few minutes earlier reading a book. .. do you smile like this when you do any work related to LLB … Do you even smile? 

Is LLB your passion  ….. Or

Is Writing your true calling ? 

My soul was reaching out to me last night, I was overwhelmed with these thoughts of mine. 

I did meditation for 20 minutes.. while meditating all that I thought was How to be a Writer ? That came out so random to me but that was the only thing on my mind writer , writing , reading , travelling , experiences that’s all.

I opened my eyes it was 3.00 am , everyone is sleeping except me.. I was having an anxiety attack thinking about my career and future and the clash between the thoughts That I should do writing but what if I disappoint my mom by quitting LLB… 

I got up and reached for my handbag which was hanging on the handle of the cupboard. I took out a notebook and pen and wrote everything I felt in that moment . It was too dark , I didn’t switched on the lights.. I kept writing what I felt in those dim lights (maybe because in darkness I found my inner light )

After writing I felt like a big load was lift from my shoulders … Like my head was in the clouds… And in that moment I found my True Calling 

  • As soon I finished writing I felt lighter , I felt happiness 
  • The happiness which i felt one month ago when I travelled to a place near Mumbai 
  • This is when I realised my passion is writing 
  • And at that moment I decided I’ll start to work on my passion ill do everything which will lead to my passion, which will make me successful 

I’m Aishwarya Wadkar and this my story of finding myself it didn’t happened overnight .. this feeling was twitching me since one year .   I had this tthoughts many times but everything has a point .. a limit. And I reach my limit last night…

Your mind is a garden your thoughts are the seeds you can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.