The Day I Discovered My True Calling 

Often we give advice to our friends, siblings and colleagues .. but when it comes to us we hardly follow it. 

We encourage people to do things which will make them happy , pursue your hobby , your passion but Why the same things do not apply to us? 

Yesterday 23th December, 2016  I went to bed @11.45 pm I started reading Hound of The baskervilles … like usual ,While reading the book I realised there was a constant smile on my face. 😁 I closed the book and checked my phone , it was 1.05 am … Still couldn’t sleep.

I laid down and these thoughts bombarded my mind and my soul…. Calling me in a firm voice 

Aish… Listen are you happy with what you are doing with your life ?

Are you sure this is what you want to do?

Are you sure you want to be a lawyer ?

Would you be happy and content to work in a law firm ? 

You’re pursuing LLB for yourself or for your mom and others ?

Look inside yourself aish … You were so smiling few minutes earlier reading a book. .. do you smile like this when you do any work related to LLB … Do you even smile? 

Is LLB your passion  ….. Or

Is Writing your true calling ? 

My soul was reaching out to me last night, I was overwhelmed with these thoughts of mine. 

I did meditation for 20 minutes.. while meditating all that I thought was How to be a Writer ? That came out so random to me but that was the only thing on my mind writer , writing , reading , travelling , experiences that’s all.

I opened my eyes it was 3.00 am , everyone is sleeping except me.. I was having an anxiety attack thinking about my career and future and the clash between the thoughts That I should do writing but what if I disappoint my mom by quitting LLB… 

I got up and reached for my handbag which was hanging on the handle of the cupboard. I took out a notebook and pen and wrote everything I felt in that moment . It was too dark , I didn’t switched on the lights.. I kept writing what I felt in those dim lights (maybe because in darkness I found my inner light )

After writing I felt like a big load was lift from my shoulders … Like my head was in the clouds… And in that moment I found my True Calling 

  • As soon I finished writing I felt lighter , I felt happiness 
  • The happiness which i felt one month ago when I travelled to a place near Mumbai 
  • This is when I realised my passion is writing 
  • And at that moment I decided I’ll start to work on my passion ill do everything which will lead to my passion, which will make me successful 

I’m Aishwarya Wadkar and this my story of finding myself it didn’t happened overnight .. this feeling was twitching me since one year .   I had this tthoughts many times but everything has a point .. a limit. And I reach my limit last night…

Your mind is a garden your thoughts are the seeds you can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.


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